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Location : Jaipur, Rajasthan
Area : 1734 AD
Main Attraction : Raja Jai Singh II
Best Time To Visit : Nahargarh Biological Park

Probably the most exclusive of heritage hotels, since it has only one room, and a popular restaurant, to offer, Naharganh Fort was built by Jai Singh at the same time as the building of the city of Jaipur. Subsequently, Ram Singh and Madho Singh added to it, and it became one of the favourite retreats of the Royal Zenana.

Located on the rugged Aravali Hills, Nahargarh means "the Abode of the Tigers" was built by Jai Singh to bolster the defense of Amer. The fort has uniquely a cluster of 12 suits for queens and at the head is a suit for the Jai Singh himself. According to a legend it was named Nahargarh after Nahar Singh, a prince whose spirit would destroy the construction and not allow it progress further. So by a Tantric prayer the spirit agreed to leave on condition that the fort is named after him. The fort overlooks the presents a glittering view of the city lights. It was used by members of the royal family for excursion in summers and is now even a favored picnic spot.

Attraction Of Nahargarh Fort

Nahargarh Biological Park
Located in the vicinity of Nahargarh fort, outside Jaipur, the biological park is spread over 7.2-sq-kms of the Nahargarh sanctuary (50-sq-kms). it consists of quartizite and granite rocks, and the vegetation of the region is adequately represented through tropical dry deciduous and tropical thorn forests.

The species of the area, some of which dissipated over the years, have been reintroduced, so that today the park has Tiger, Leopard, Asiatic Lion (otherwise confined only to the Gir Forest sanctuary in Gujarat), Sloth Bear, Caracal, several species of Deer, Gharial, Crocodile and Otter in its wetlands, Pangolin Jackal, Wild Dog, Wolf, Hyena, Jungle Civet and Fishing Cats, Ratel, Common and Desert Fox, Wild Boar, Rhesus Monkey and Langur, and, of course, a host of avian species.

The intention is to build back an area where the Aravalli vegetation and wetlands are in harmony with the faunal species, and where natural breeding occurs in the wild. This in turn will help to restock other depleted areas with species bred in the wild, and assist educational programmes on nature education.

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